Big Island Running Company

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How will my purchase be shipped?

A: As you can imagine, shipping from Hawaii is not cheap.  Lucky for you, if you live in the US., you're only paying $6.50 for your order no matter how much you buy. Anyway, we've found that the most cost effective carrier is the US Postal Service. So your products will usually be shipped in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box or Envelope. You can expect to receive your purchase within 4-6 days of placing your order, assuming no extenuating circumstances. International shipments are sent via USPS Priority as well.

Q: I have a running emergency and need my shirts right away! What can I do?

A: Hopefully you don't need these shirts for a race tomorrow, since, unless you live on the Big Island, your purchase will have to cross the  Pacific Ocean to get to you.  The quickest you can likely receive these is 2-3 days after placing your order via FedEx or UPS.  Contact us if you want us to send them this way and additional shipping charges will apply. Next time, stock up on more shirts in advance!

Q: I can't figure out what size to get. Do the shirts run small or big?

A: Obviously, they Run Big! Only kidding--most of the shirts run fairly true to size for a running top.  If you've only ever worn cotton and never experienced the joy of a technical shirt, you may want to size up, though.  A few models run small, so we've noted that in the product description.

Q: Will the shirts shrink?

A: No, the technical shirts will not shrink.  

Q: I just got my shirt and I look like a sausage trying to squeeze into it! OR, I just got my shirt and this running thing has me so lean, my normal size is too big! 

A: Contact us and we'll work on getting you the appropriate size.